A unique specialty : the electric actuator

Offering total and durable solutions for the automation of industrial valves

BERNARD CONTROLS designs and manufactures electric actuators and control technologies for the automation of industrial valves and dampers.

BERNARD CONTROLS' development program ensures continuous product upgrading. New features and concepts make the electronic-age valve actuator user friendly and capable of the most stringent plant requirements and environmental conditions. Major contributions engineered by our research and development team include:

  • high precision positioning control electronics,
  • easy to set and vibration proof travel limit system,
  • INTELLI+, the intelligent and user friendly integrated control,
  • FQ failsafe electric spring return actuator.

BERNARD CONTROLS at your service around the world

BERNARD CONTROLS relies on a strong international network based on 9 subsidiaries in Asia, in Europe and in the United States, on regional sales offices in Russia, in the Middle-East, as well as on more than 50 agents/distributors throughout the world. Our international teams receive regular technical training in order to analyze your needs and find out the best solution.

We control the product all along its operational life time, and support you from the design stage to the installation, and then for maintenance and repair. Choosing and implementing the best product technology for each single application requires indeed technical support from specialists from the very early project design stage to the start-up of the plant. This partnership will allow to get the best value for money and the most reliable and maintenance-free solution.