Nuclear energy

50 years of continuous experience in the Nuclear industry

Reliability and Safety

Actuator construction requires both electrical and mechanical components. Once installed in the heart of the nuclear power plant, they must retain their integrity and remain available, not only during the decades of normal service in the containment area (in presence of ionising radiations) but also in case of severe accidental circumstances when their correct operation becomes absolutely necessary.

Applications Experience

BERNARD CONTROLS actuators have been chosen to equip more than 100 reactors throughout the world: in Belgium, Bulgaria, China (14 reactors in operation: DayaBay, Qinshan II, Lingao and Tianwan, 24 reactors in construction), France (all reactors in operation), Germany, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, the United States (MOX project)... as well as in new generation EPR plants in France, Finland (EPR Olkiluoto) and China.

Based on our experience in the nuclear industry, BERNARD CONTROLS has designed a full range of actuators for use inside and outside nuclear power plants containment. We also propose actuation solutions for other nuclear sites such as waste treatment and uranium enrichment plants or nuclear submarines which carry small nuclear plants on board. In this last application, compactness is of critical importance.

International Standards

These environmental conditions have been precisely defined by the various safety authorities for instance RCC-E (French standard), IEEE (American standard) or KTA (German standard). Accidental circumstances include earthquakes and conditions linked to a loss of coolant.


BERNARD CONTROLS appreciates the importance on quality at all stages of the production process, and has put in place and maintains a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001( certification ISO 9001: 2008 n° 1997/8657,5). BERNARD CONTROLS also maintains the nuclear quality in accordance with ISO 9000, 50C/ SG-Q-IAEA codes and RCCE Chapitre A5000. The quality of BERNARD CONTROLS products has been approved and recognized by a number of international certifying bodies, including ABS, CSA, NEMA, ATEX, IEEE, LCIE, Germanischer Lloyd, GOST Russia, INERIS and others.