Actuators for Oil & Gas fluid automation

Our expertise on electric actuators

As one of the world leaders in valve actuation, BERNARD CONTROLS has focused its expertise on electric actuators and associated control technologies. Relying on years of experience and customers' feedback, we have developed reliable products in line with end-users' requirements:

  • Heavy duty design,
  • User friendly & intuitive controls,
  • Non intrusive settings,
  • Absolute sensors for accurate information at any time without battery,
  • Monitoring functions for preventative maintenance,
  • Declutchfree handwheel,
  • Separated control box configuration on request,
  • Bus continuity for easy site management...

BERNARD CONTROLS' solutions are thus suitable for all applications in the Oil & Gas industries, from extraction to transport and storage, including processing.

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Our solutions

For storage

BERNARD CONTROLS offers durable solutions for all types of applications on Oil & Gas storage installations.


  • Declutch-free handwheel
  • Fire-fighting systems
  • Fieldbus solutions for MOVs control

For extraction

When it comes to fossil fuel extraction, flow control is crucial in order to maximize the final quantity produced. That is the reason why each site requires high performance control technologies and heavy duty devices so as to ensure safe and efficient extraction of oil or gas. BERNARD CONTROLS has kept these requirements in mind when designing its solutions for Oil & Gas wells and plateforms.


  • High Duty Modulating
  • Wide range of performing motors featuring the S4 duty rating
  • Adapted to most environments (cold, hot, corrosive, abrasive...)

For transport

Security is critical at all stages of the oil or gas production cycle. However, transport requires specific attention as it implies kilometers of pipelines going across fields, deserts, seas... until these reach storage or distribution facilities.

It is thus not always easy to quickly detect, evaluate and solve a problem when it happens in a remote or hardly accessible area. BERNARD CONTROLS commits to providing intelligent actuation solutions enhancing the security level of your site, while remaining user friendly.


  • Powerful actuation - high starting torques
  • Accurate information (absolute torque and position sensors, continuous monitoring...) 

For process

Relying on decades of experience working on Oil & Gas projects, BERNARD CONTROLS has developed solutions for the most demanding applications, including all process applications - refining, recompression, liquefaction, regasification...


  • Preventative maintenance
  • Fire protection
  • Connection to Distributed Control System
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Worldwide services

BERNARD CONTROLS offers global solutions, including not only performing & reliable products, but also a complete range of services adapted to each project. International teams support customers all along the product lifetime - from design to start-up or maintenance, as well as for site revamping projects.

  • Design
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Maintenance & repair
  • Revamping & Project Management
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