EKIDEN 2017: BERNARD CONTROLS’ teams crossed the finish line!

Yesterday, on Sunday the 5 November 2017, 7 teams from BERNARD CONTROLS crossed the finish line of the EKIDEN, the relay Marathon of Paris. Each of the 42 participants successively ran between 5 and 10 kilometers along the Seine.

This year, the EKIDEN race gathered more than 8 260 participants, split into 1377 teams. Among this crowd, BERNARD CONTROLS’ teams ended up as follow:

  1. Team Raclette: Emilie L., François B., Nicolas M., Yves-Marie S-M., Laura C., Sébastien J. ranked at the 578th position, finishing the Marathon in 3:28 hours.

  2. Bernard Coyotes: Nicolas L., Liem C., Laetitia D., Stéphane M., Mantia D., Elodie P. ranked at the 700th position, finishing the Marathon in 3:33 hours.

  3. La LoloMotiv’: Bertrand LB., Pauline S., Vianne L., Loïc M., Nicolas J., Florian D. ranked at the 704th position, finishing the Marathon in 3:34 hours.

  4. Team O’Brigades: Yann M., Bruno F., Victorien S-A., Thomas B., Virginie F., Rudson V-P. ranked at the 774th position, finishing the Marathon in 3:37 hours.

  5. Burn Calories: Grâce B., Florent M., Burak E., Christophe L., Jonh M., Arnold L-S. ranked at the 873rd position, finishing the Marathon in 3:41 hours.

  6. Robinson: Marc H., Jonathan G., Yoann B., Julien C., Mickaël C., Laurent R. ranked at the 1120th position, finishing the Marathon in 3:54 hours.

  7. Les 6 SIGMA: Mohamed F., Dominick V., Alexandre G., Sébastien E., Sarhan K., Christophe P. ranked at the 1372th position, finishing the Marathon in 4:39 hours.

BERNARD CONTROLS is proud of its runners who took up this athletic challenge, which enhanced team spirit, sharing and friendliness! Well done everyone!

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