This new AQ range guarantees the essential functions required to operate a valve or a damper in moderate environmental and operational constraints. These new products are even more closer to standard actuation needs than the former FIRST BC generation.

Product specifications

Torque range:

  • 15 to 500 Nm (direct mount)
  • Up to 8,000 Nm (combi)

Type of Controls:

  • Electromechanical SWITCH
  • Integrated LOGIC - New Version (v2)

BC Duty & Modulating Classification:

  • On-Off: Class A
  • Inching / Positioning : Class B
  • Modulating : Class III

Environment: IP 68 / C3 / T: -20°C ...+60°C (-40°C as an option)

Product benefits

Compact & optimized design

  • Super compact design, including integrated controls
  • Product architecture & torque range adapted to customers’ requirements
  • Multi-voltage & multi-frequency products (AQ3L& AQ7L): suitable whatever your location on the globe
  • Short delivery time

Reliable design

  • BC design methodology built-up on the nuclear market highly demanding requirements
  • 80+ years of continuous experience and BERNARD CONTROLS inventor of the compact quarter-turn electric actuator
  • Heavy duty design : full aluminium enclosure protected by powder coating
  • 100% of products tested with automatic process before delivery

Integrated controls (LOGIC version)

  • Turn-key, time & cost-saving solution
  • Non-intrusive setting for enhanced safety and reliability
  • New LOGIC v2, compatible with common fieldbus protocols and Bluetooth communication
  • Electronic options available on SWITCH version

Easy to use

  • Easy commissioning: pre-wired version for direct quarter-turn (up to AQ50), set up of travel limitation system with a simple screwdriver…
  • LCD Display for user-friendly commissioning and local command on LOGIC version
  • BERNARD CONTROLS’ new mobile application for commissioning, troubleshooting, documentation…
  • Declutch-free manual override – essential for quick intervention on site