FIRST BC Label: "The essentials"

For moderate environment, moderate operational constraints, standard applications.

BERNARD CONTROLS, inventor of the compact quarter-turn electric actuator, brings to its customers valve actuation solutions supported by decades of experience.

Through discussions with users over the years, BERNARD CONTROLS has identified a demand for electric actuators that guarantees the essential functions required to operate a valve or a damper.

Thus, the FIRST BC label identifies products and solutions which offer to users “The Essentials”: the key functions to operate your valve safely and efficiently in case of standard applications. This label guarantees quality and security to installations' electric actuation solutions in the case of moderate environmental and operational constraints.

FIRST BC ranges have been developed without compromising on quality, applying the unique expertise and feedback that are the cornerstones of Bernard Controls' reputation.

In 2017, BERNARD CONTROLS FIRST BC label turn over a new leaf with the launch of new products ranges, with a brand new design - compact and optimized for their use. The quarter-turn applications can now be addressed with the AQ range. These new products are even more closer to standard actuation needs in the power, water and various industry applications than the previous FIRST BC generation.

BERNARD CONTROLS will also offer a multi-turn AT range solution to its customers within the FIRST BC label criteria in the coming year.

AQ Range