BERNARD CONTROLS at your service

Our experts support you at each step of your project, as soon as the design phase and all along the product life cycle.

Nowadays, product quality and efficiency are essential conditions, but they are not always enough to guarantee full customer satisfaction. In order to create a serene and trusting environment, our machines and our workers must give their absolute best. Given this premise, our teams also strive to develop a high quality customer support every day, over and above technological commitment.

Therefore, regardless of your location, our customer support teams are available and ready to listen to you and guide you along each step of the way: From the design stage to installation, commissioning, maintenance and training, BERNARD CONTROLS teams are truly dedicated to your satisfaction and commits to delivering strong customer support everywhere around the globe.

Installation and commissioning

Commissioning electric actuators requires specific and careful expertise. This is specially true when the motorized valve is controlled by a complex system such as a fieldbus. That is the reason why our specialists are available to provide the adequate support to our customers for:

  • adaptation on the valve
  • installation
  • set-up
  • start-up

Maintenance and repair

Everyday, our technicians are available to quickly go on site for :

  • periodic actuator functional check-up
  • preventative maintenance operations
  • diagnosis and repair


Regular training sessions are organised for our customers and our distribution network. These sessions are held either in France, at our local service centre or at customer site. Actuator technology, setting, operating and maintenance are among the most popular topics covered.