Evolution of BC PREMIUM Product Offer: SQ Range

In 2014, BERNARD CONTROLS reorganizes its BC PREMIUM Weatherproof product offer and gathers all product references for quarter-turn under the name SQ*.

Moreover, BC takes advantage of this naming evolution to propose some features as standard on these products:

  • Non-rotating handwheel: in case of loss of power supply or of a faulty control system, the presence of a handwheel enables to easily manually drive the valve to any required position. This handwheel does not rotate during electric operation on all SQ models.
  • 4 switches (relays) for travel limitation & signaling.
  • Anti-condensation heater.

On the other hand, as a BC PREMIUM product range, SQ models are available with three levels of controls — SWITCH, INTEGRATED (MINIGAM/INTEGRAL/POSIGAM), INTELLI+® — and with number of options such as IP68 - 2m/24h or polyurethane finish on SWITCH & INTEGRATED controls (standard for INTELLI+®). More information in our new SQ catalogue A101/07. Your sales contact can also provide any required support for adaptation of specifications according to your needs.

For your convenience, you will find below the list of correspondence between existing OA/AS/BS references and new SQ references.

Should you have any question, please feel free to contact our sales teams. We will be pleased to provide any required support for this transition.

*Applicable to BC Weatherproof range only. Notapplicable to Nuclear qualified actuators and Eex de certified actuators, which must keep the OA/AS/BS name according to qualification/certification.

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