The BC App revolutionize the setup and maintenance of your electric actuators ! 
Bernard Controls application allows you to easily operate, set up and maintain your actuator using the Bluetooth connection of your smartphone. It is designed for Bernard Controls actuators with latest generation of controls.

What can you do with the BC APP ?

Quick & safe connection

Connect easily to the actuator using encrypted Bluetooth communication of a smartphone, in a range of 10 meters.

Easy settings

Set up your actuator in a few clicks. Especially, you can upload the configuration in order to speed the time of commissioning for many actuators with the same configuration. And the whole commissioning process is made easier thanks to the highly user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Operate safely

BC APP also enables to operate an actuator. In case of problems, alarms are clearly displayed on the screen with different colors depending on the effect on actuator operation (blocking in red, simple warnings in orange).

Diagnostic & Maintenance

Get access to clear information about actuator operation and users’ connections, which provides enhanced control of the process.

Direct assistance

Through the application, get direct access to Bernard Controls Assistance and consult technical documentation (wiring diagram, dimensional drawing, IOM manual) thanks to Digital Library.

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Account Deletion Request

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How to Request Account Deletion:

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Once we receive your request, our support team will begin processing the account deletion.

What Happens Next:

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Your Privacy Matters:

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