Travel limitation systems

User-friendly & reliable travel limitation system

BERNARD CONTROLS proposes a patented cam block system, which offers the following advantages:

  • Fast & easy setting
  • Vibration proof
  • Precise indication

Indeed, thanks to Bernard Controls camblock system, the adjustment of travel limit switches is simply accomplished with a standard screwdriver. No special tool is required. 

Moreover, the large diameter cam block includes up to six cams which can be adjusted separately on the overall travel. By simply pushing the appropriate adjusting slot with a screwdriver, the cam is released and can be freely positioned (300 separated positions). When the adjusting slot is released, the cam is automatically locked. And, as no screw tightening is required, the system is unaffected by vibration.


In INTELLI+® versions, the cam block is replaced by an absolute position encoder. This allows the actuators to acknowledge its position even in case of manual operation while power supply is off. Therefore, no need for battery back-up!

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