This new AQL range guarantees the essential functions required to operate a valve or a damper in moderate environmental and operational constraints. These new products are even more close to standard actuation needs than the former FIRST BC generation.

Product specifications

Adaptation to all quarter-turn valves:

  • Torque range from 15 to 70 Nm (direct mount)

Type of Controls

  • Electromechanical, SWITCH
  • Positioner, 4-20mA

BC Duty & Modulating Classification

  • On-Off: Class A
  • Inching/Positioning: Class B

IP68 / Corrosive environment: C4 / Operating temp.: -20…+60°C

Product benefits

Compact & optimized design

  • Super compact design
  • Product architecture & torque range adapted to customers’ requirements: 3 models from 15 to 70 Nm
  • Multi-voltage (AC/DC) & multi-frequency products : suitable whatever your location on the globe
  • 24VDC or 12VDC, both 2 or 3 wires available as an option
  • Short delivery time, even for voluminous project, thanks to large production capacity

Reliable design

  • BERNARD CONTROLS design methodology built-up on the nuclear market highly demanding requirements
  • 80+ years of continuous experience and BC inventor of the compact quarter-turn electric actuator
  • Extended lifetime: more than 200000 cycles attained during endurance tests in laboratory
  • Heavy duty design: full aluminum enclosure protected by durable powder coating, C4, IP68, large temperature scale
  • Self-locking at all speeds without any additional component
  • S4 Motor Service Duty. Up to 120 starts per hour at peak of operation
  • Electronic torque limiter for reinforced valve security
  • 100% of delivered products are tested with automatic process before delivery
  • Semi automated assembly line: enables complete electronics traceability

Easy to use

  • Easy commissioning for quick installation on site: pre-wired version, wiring diagram inside the cover, Quick connector (IP68) option
  • User-friendly set up of travel limitation system with a standard screwdriver. Cameblock directly
    accessible at the front. 
  • Positionner option (4-20mA)
  • Manual operation via manual hexagonal output: essential for emergency intervention
  • BC APP: Bernard Controls new mobile application to get access to full documentation and Assistance.

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