Nuclear Qualified Actuator

With more than 50 years of continuous experience in the nuclear industry, Bernard Controls offers reliable solutions, from On-Off to Continuous Modulating duties, qualified per the latest safety standards (RCC-E, IEEE).

Solutions for the latest generation of reactors such as EPR, and for all other types of reactors: ACP1000, ACPR1000+, CPR1000, VVER…

Qualified actuators for inside containment (Nuc IC)

The SN range houses multi-turn electric actuators qualified for inside containment safety-related service (Nuc IC). Nuc IC Actuators are designed for operation during 40 years in ionizing environment and remaining operational in case of seismic accidents and LOCA - Loss Of Coolant Accident (referred as "K1" type in the RCC-E standard). The SN Range is available for On-Off and Modulating duties.

Qualified actuators for outside containment (Nuc OC)

BERNARD CONTROLS offers quarter-turn and multi-turn electric actuators complying with outside containment safety requirements (Nuc OC). These actuators are designed for operation in a normal environment for 30 years and during seismic accidents (referred as "K3" type in the RCC-E standard), and are available for On-Off and Modulating duties and with electromechanical or integrated controls.

Last but not least, Bernard Controls also offers quarter-turn and multi-turn electric actuation solutions for NC non safety requirements, for operation in a normal environment for 30 years.

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