Absolute sensors

Accurate information at any time

Thanks to absolute sensors, which constantly measure the position & torque of your valve, you can get precise and reliable information.

  • Unaffected by manual operation while power supply is off
  • Autonomous actuator, no need to use battery
  • High vibration resistance (1g)
  • Extremely reliable and precise torque and position sensors
  • Non-intrusive settings
  • Position sensor allows a high stroke setting range

Proven measurement principles

Torque is measured by a dynamometric balance (calibrated springs) offering a high level of precision, an excellent repeatability as well as a very low long-term drift. The short response time of the system allows an early detection of the valve seat reach thus reducing the over-torque applied to the valve. On the two smallest models, torque monitoring is based on motor intensity measurement.

The position sensor is mechanically linked to the main gear and delivers a proportional signal with no risk of loss of position with time.

Actual valve information

Both position and torque are measured as close as possible of the output of the actuator (see picture below). This means that what is measured is really representative of the actual valve torque and position. The valve position/torque curve is available at any time directly on the INTELLI+® graphical display.

Absolute sensors

Thanks to absolute sensors, the position and torque information are not lost even after a loss of power supply.

In fact, as soon as the power comes back, the INTELLI+® electronics has just to read the value given by the sensors and update the feedback signals to the control room. Therefore, this system does not require any battery back-up.

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