EKIDEN 2019 | 30 runners 5 teams | Team Spirit

Yesterday, on Sunday the 3 November 2019, the relay Marathon EKIDEN took place in Paris. 
On a route following the nicest spots of the french capital, each member of the teams has been successively running between 5 and 10 km in order to cover the most prestigious historical distance of 42,195 km.

In total, 30 runners from BERNARD CONTROLS successfully crossed the line of this race. BERNARD CONTROLS is proud to support its teams in this sporting challenge which is synonymous of exchange, sharing and team spirit for its employees!


EKIDEN race is an unusual and funny way to do Marathon, coming from Japan. The distance (42,195 km) is completed by a team of six runners. Each participant runs up to a certain distance (between 5 and 10 km), giving the baton to his teammate when the distance is completed.

From the Eiffel Tower to the Invalides, along the Seine, the race takes place in some of the most beautiful places in Paris.

This year, 30 athletes took place in starting line, divided in 5 teams which shown great creativity with their teams’ name.BERNARD CONTROLS is proud to support its teams in this challenge which strongly highlight the team spirit and the values of the company.

Despite bad weather conditions, 30 runners from the company got in the starting line and finished the race realizing strong performances among more than 10.000 participants.

Here are the results of our 5 creative teams:

Team 1 : Célia & Les Garçons - 4:15:14

  • Arokiaraj Sougoumar (5km) 0:30:17
  • Erik Nezeraud (10km) 0:55:51
  • Alexandre Letrange (5km) 0:28:30
  • Célia Limouzin (10km) 1:00:07
  • Bastien Marocco (5km) 0:26:48
  • Alexandre Groseille (7km) 0:53:43

Team 2 : Robinson - 3:45:09

  • Ayoub Chelh (5km) 0:24:11
  • Laurent Ranvial (10km) 0:53:21
  • Harlina Daud (5km) 0:29:19
  • Christophe Lai (10km) 0:45:42
  • Arnold Loucas-Soubi (5km) 0:25:57
  • Virginie Faure (7km) 0:46:41

Team 3 : Cerveaux Moteurs - 3:57:41

  • Anais Mascot (5km) 0:36:43
  • Arnaud Quesnel (10km) 0:42:30
  • Caroline Gilet (5km) 0:37:32
  • Guillaume Faure (10km) 0:53:34
  • David Sekongo (5km) 0:28:59
  • Victorien Saint André (7km) 0:38:26

Team 4 : Voltage – 4:31:17

  • Azzedine CHERIF (5kms) 0:32:25
  • Jonathan GREGOIRE (10kms) 0:50:43
  • Khim GOUI (5kms) 0:37:54
  • Abdul Rahman ABDUL MAHAATHIR  (10kms) 1:23:42
  • Sergette FRANCILLONNE (5kms) 0:41:19
  • Manuel Morino (7km) 0:25:17

Team 5 : Les Blouses Blanches – 4:08:22

  • Mohammed Fri (5Km) 0:37:50
  • Manuel Figueras (10Km) 0:53:06
  • Moussa Faty (5Km) 0:33:54
  • Julien Waguet (10Km) 0:52:08
  • Ridha Kedidir (5Km) 0:30:02
  • Abbakary Cissé (7Km) 0:41:24

BERNARD CONTROLS is proud to support its teams in these meaningful challenges which strongly highlight the general purpose of sharing and mutual aid between co-workers! Congratulation to all.

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