New 2022 Smart Control Box

Powerful Control Interface for Large quantities of motor-operated valves

Compact & Efficient

  • Our Smart Control is a compact and powerful device (i.e., the redundant controllers are housed in a single enclosure.)
  • Both SC2X2 MODBUS and MS202e PROFIBUS have faster data rates compared to conventional systems. It needs only one to five-second(s) to scan the entire installation while being able to send simultaneously multiple orders.
  • Hot Standby Redundant: in a dual-redundant configuration, both processors are running continuously with their program scans synchronized over the fiber optic link. If one processor fails, the other takes control with a bumpless transfer in which the outputs do not change state.

For each application, a suitable innovation

MS202e model Profibus

Dual-redundant configuration supports Profibus DPV1 to connect BC actuators in the field, up to 120 actuators, 3s to scan 120 actuators (10km)...

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SC2X2 model Modbus

Modbus loop redundancy to allow a Modbus network, with all its slave MOVs, to be connected in a ring. This will create self-healing ring where a line break will not cause any slave MOV to lose communication with Modbus Master. Up to 240 actuators, between 4-7 secs scan time at fixed baud rate of 9600bps within 10km maximum loop distance.

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Product benefits

Easy to use and to configurate

  • Easy to use thanks to the extra-large panel-mounted display with a touch screen and vivid colors.
  • Our SmartControl is a ready-to-work solution that eases the command and control of large quantities of motor-operated valves by the mean of a Fieldbus. It will help you save time and resources. Because BERNARD CONTROLS Master Station is already set up, you will save precious time during the commissioning phase. Just cable it and the systems are ready to work.
  • Build-in web server: no gateways or other webservers are required. All these functionalities are directly available in the SmartControl: operate the valve, retrieve data and alarms, log the data…

Maintenance easier

  • Remove actuator without line interruption, thanks to Bernard Controls BU box
  • INTELLI+® advanced control solution provides users with a great deal of information to help with system diagnosis and aid in scheduling valves’ preventative maintenance. Combined with the SmartControl you benefit from a system that monitors easily and continuously every actuator of your installation.
  • The system is capable to display all diagnostic alarms including those for actuators, network Diagnostics shall also identify and display the exact location of the network fault. 
  • Maintenance is also made easier thanks to the archiving of alarms, and 64MB data logging memory directly in the Master Station.

Advanced Monitoring and Diagnostics for Predictive Maintenance

Advanced monitoring and diagnostic functions thanks to INTELLI+® Integrated Control:

  • Emergency Shut Down (ESD)
  • Partial Stroke Test (PST)
  • Programmable timer
  • Alarm customization
  • Programmable signaling relays
  • Preparation monitoring...

HMI can display a status indication of 2 AI (temperature, level, etc) and 5 DI (high/low limit, ON/OFF, etc..)

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