BERNARD CONTROLS equipped the Horns Rev C Offshore Platform in the North Sea

BERNARD CONTROLS BENELUX recently intervened on the Horns Rev C high voltage substation, an offshore AC transformer platform whose main goal is to collect the electrical energy from the windmill park, transform it to a higher voltage level and bring it to shore afterwards. In such a complex project, the success entirely relies on each manufacturer’s quality equipment and expertise. Bernard Controls, by installing and commissioning 16 quarter-turn actuators, namely two FQ12, eight SQ60 and six SQ100, took part in the collective works that builds up a durable industry.

Two failsafe actuators (FQ12) where requested to operate on cooling valves inside the AC transformer unit. Indeed, this FQ range is particularly adapted to all high safety applications such as heat control and ventilation of hazardous areas. The principle of the device is to automatically reach a safety position, in case of loss of power supply. Power failure can happen pretty frequently on high voltage substation. Nevertheless, if this heat is not dissipated properly, the temperature of the transformer will keep on rising.

At the heart of the 400MW Horns Rev III Offshore Wind Farm and located in the eastern North Sea, at about 20 km of the most western point of Denmark, the Horns Rev C high voltage substation is part of a 15 years’ wind farms industry development project in Denmark. It occupies a leading role in the wind farms industry today, providing for example 42% of the total consumption of energy supply in 2015. Among the top 25 operational offshore wind farms, two Danish platforms, Horns Rev I and II, belong to the three biggest producers of energy. Horns Rev III, the most recent one, will be inaugurated in 2018 and is expected to generate green power for 450,000 households.

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