BERNARD CONTROLS equipped GRTgaz compression station in Evry-Grégy

Few months ago, BERNARD CONTROLS delivered electric actuators on GRTGaz compression Station located in the municipality of Evry-Grégy in Seine et Marne (France). The delivery and installation of explosionproof multi-turn actuators (STX) mounted on gearboxes and equipped with the intelligent control system INTELLI+® aimed at upgrading the valves interconnection grid to latest ATEX regulations. This close partnership with BERNARD CONTROLS is part of the major project of territorial development started several years ago, and which will from move forward with the installation of actuators on other sites next September.

Operated by GRTgaz, the main role of these compression stations is to compensate the loss of air pressure caused by slow speed frictions, to modulate the flow and pressure throughout the whole network and to control the natural gas flow direction.

BERNARD CONTROLS proceeded to the retrofitting, from the take-off of some existing targeted installations points to the setting of new motorisations and gearboxes on quarter turn valves. BERNARD CONTROLS also manufactured specific additional pieces, conducted the wiring, setting, equipment testing and commissioning. This complex and delicate intervention required a complete expertise. It was substantial to take into account the obsolescence of the equipment, while addressing a special focus on the inaccessibility of buried valves and non-standards gearbox flanges.

By offering the opportunity of either manual or non-intrusive automatic setting, the INTELLI+® intelligent control system offers top safety level. Moreover, INTELLI+® allows precise and reliable information transmission thanks to absolute encoders which record both valve's position and torque transmission in real time. The remote control functionality as much as the enhanced security features have been essential points for a successful intervention on this GRTgaz station. The STX INTELLI+® range integrates key functions to ensure the protection of the valve such as signaling continuity, partial stroking, Emergency shutdown (ESD)...

Electric Actuator Specialist for more than 75 years, BERNARD CONTROLS performs in the most various flow control processes. World leader in the Nuclear sector, with a strong presence in the water and industry sectors, BERNARD CONTROLS offers durable solutions for all types of applications on Oil & Gas installations. The success of this project relies on the comprehensive knowledge of the environment and on a long-term expertise. An effective communication between local, commercial and technical teams as well as a logistical coordination were major key points in order to brilliantly overtake every stakes on this project.

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