French President François Hollande visits BERNARD CONTROLS CHINA

Thursday April 25th 2013, Beijing. François Hollande, in China for an official visit, meets BERNARD CONTROLS teams in the Chinese subsidiary & factory of the Group.

"A caterpillar that turns into a butterfly"

This is a key event for a French industrial SME, which recently became an intermediate size company: an event which stresses a successful internationalization and the achievement of a long and hard work still in progress. Today, the Group gathers 9 subsidiaries and 2 sales offices in the world, for a turnover of 50 million euros. "The path from SME to intermediate size business is just like a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly: it implies a long-lasting internal transformation", states Guillaume Bernard, Asia Director and son of the CEO Etienne Bernard.

François Hollande recognized BERNARD CONTROLS as a model

During his visit, François Hollande recognized BERNARD CONTROLS as a model for its successful transformation into an intermediate size company (source: AFP). He declared: "Technology and development of enterprises, competitiveness, as well as innovation and quality work, are the key assets to reach the promises made to the French people."

This is a great way to honor BERNARD CONTROLS teams, who participate every day in the evolution and the dynamism of the company.

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