EZ electric actuators to modernize a steel plant in Germany

Bernard Controls recently provided a hundred 24 VDC quarter-turn electric actuators, EZ15 models with LOGIC integrated control, to AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke Europe’s leading producer of heavy plate located in Germany.

Indeed, following local fireworkers regulatory inspection, there was a need to upgrade the hydraulic system of the plant. Amongst the requirements, two main points were decisive: First, the motor had to run with a low starting current to match emergency power supply conditions. Then, it was necessary to receive signaling coming from the actuator.

Considering this standard application with moderate environmental and operational conditions, the FIRST BC product range appears as the best solution. Committed to Strong Customer Support, Bernard Controls’ teams offered to send a sample of EZ15 actuator for tests directly on site. Eventually, current rated was satisfying and matched perfectly customer’s expectations. In case of power outage, valves would keep on running correctly thanks to battery back-up. The LOGIC integrated control satisfies to the second request. This cost and time saving solution guarantees easier commissioning and simplified settings thanks to the local display, integrated local commands.

Thus, Bernard Controls’ solution was approved by both end user and fireworkers coordinating the project, who also confirmed their will to re-use this solution on other sites in the coming years.

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