BC Paint System: Upgrade & Standardization

BERNARD CONTROLS, global electric actuator specialist, improves its paint system with standardization of polyurethane single coat on all its product ranges and new codification system fully complying with ISO 12944 Standard.

ISO12944 is an international Standard which deals with Corrosion Protection of Steel Structures by protective paint systems. This Standard delivers key criteria to select the appropriate level of protection according to customer's application: first the classification of corrosive atmospheric environments, then the durability level of the coating system. While the first criterion is used to select the appropriate painting, the second one indicates the estimated time before first maintenance on painting. According to ISO12944, atmospheric environments are classified into six atmospheric-corrosivity categories (from C1 to C5-M). On the other hand, there are three ranges of durability (low/medium/high) - see tables below for detailed information on these two criteria.

In order to ease the correspondence between BC painting and standard customer specifications, BERNARD CONTROLS replaces its former PTLB paint system by a new one named Bernard Controls Paint Specifications (BCPS), which fully comply with ISO12944 Standard.

ISO 12944 Standard - Categories of atmospheric-corrosivity

ISO 12944 Standard - Classification of paint durability

Moreover, as from November 1st 2015, BERNARD CONTROLS will standardize polyurethane single coat painting with high durability level on all standard product ranges. Polyurethane coating was already implemented on many product ranges, especially INTELLI+® quarter-turn and multi-turn actuators. However quarter-turn SQ and multi-turn ASM without INTELLI+® controls will be upgraded with higher grade polyurethane painting.

As part of its Strong Customer Support commitment, BERNARD CONTROLS also offer many other options for the painting of its actuators according to customers' requirements (paint type, color...). For instance, while polyurethane coating is not suitable for over coating, BC still offer BCPS-C2-02 paint specification (single epoxy coat) as an option on BC PREMIUM ranges for over coating after purchase. Paint specification per product range is detailed below. Nonetheless, do not hesitate to specify your needs to our sales teams or discuss with them to identify the appropriate protection for your application.

Bernard Controls Paint Specifications (BCPS)

download the .pdf

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