BERNARD CONTROLS delivers more than 200 electric actuators to Jangmoon combined cycle power plant (CCPP) in South Korea

Recently, Bernard Controls Korea successfully equipped the combined gas and steam turbine of Jangmoon CCPP with 180 weatherproof actuators (SQ and ST models). In addition, 32 quarter-turn and multi-turn explosionproof actuators (SQX25, STX6, STX10 and STX20) equipped with INTELLI+® intelligent control have been provided by Bernard Controls Italia.

The customer, the Paju Energy Service Corporation, a subsidiary from SK E&S, launched a new construction project on Jangmoon CCPP in Paju, located 60km North of Gyeonggi-do Province.

Worth almost a billion euros, Jangmoon’s power plant follows one the main long-term concerns and priorities in South Korea: increasing energy’s production coming from gas. The whole plant is made up of 4 gas turbines, 2 steam turbines and 4 HRSGs (heat recovery steam generators). Bernard Controls’ actuators were notably located on the Governor Station, a major part in the control of the whole process since its predominant task is to control the pressure of gas throughout the main gas networks.

The Paju Corporation wants to start commercial operations in 2017 and plans to use natural gas coming from gas fields overseas such as shale reserves of North America. Considering high local demand, this construction aims at producing 1823MW electricity and therefore be competitive with the other power plants in the country.

Bernard Controls not only delivered but also performed the commissioning of these new actuators. Bernard Controls Korea visited several times the plant and solved all issues for commissioning up to smooth operation. Thanks to a quick and effective collaboration between the European Manufacturing Unit in France, located close to Paris, and the subsidiary in Korea, spare parts have been supplied on a very short timescale, ensuring Bernard Controls’ commitment to delivering Strong Customer Support everywhere around the globe.

Cooperation and coordination between international teams have definitely been the cornerstone of the good conduction of this project. Indeed, Bernard Controls Italia supplied the explosionproof actuators while Bernard Controls Korea supplied all the remaining actuators, ensured the follow-up, delivery and commissioning on site for all actuators in close collaboration with the plant in France. Impressed by Bernard Controls Korea’s prompt action, the end user requested on-site training soon after. This proper shared work permitted on-time delivery and met the tight construction schedules.

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