A new impetus for BERNARD CONTROLS

July 2015: BERNARD CONTROLS, one of the top three players in the global electric actuation market, gets a new momentum and proceeds with a capital increase in order to accelerate the pace of its research.

This industrial family company started in 1936 with a motor workshop created by Lucien Bernard. It was then established in 1949 and it turned to a limited company in 1981, when Etienne Bernard became C.E.O.. Specialized in the electric actuator and figuring a strong position after many years of development in this market, the company now continues its expansion and transformation from an exporting SME into an international mid-size business. Indeed, since 2007, profound changes have spread over BC teams in their daily work life: improved production performance thanks to the Lean Manufacturing and improved efficiency thanks to a new ERP, launch of a new Group identity, investment in R&D and launch of new product ranges for Nuclear applications and then for the Oil & Gas market....

And finally in 2014, a new Group organization structures the activities into'Operating Areas' with sharing of responsibilities between C.E.O. and C.O.O.. Main objective: Customer Satisfaction, thanks to a wide global presence combined with local teams committed to Service Excellence.

In a global market led by a few big players, BERNARD CONTROLS is the leader in the Nuclear sector, in steady growth in the Oil & Gas sector since 2011, as well as an historical actor in the Power-Water-Industry. Relying on this strong position, the company now wants to capitalize on the dynamism of its teams and on its leadership to stimulate innovation and accelerate the pace of its R&D. This strategy is indeed the key to consolidate the latest evolutions and to confirm BC leading position within the top 3 players in the market.

This capital increase perpetuates the'Family Company' model since Guillaume Bernard, Etienne's son and current C.O.O. of the Group, takes an important equity stake in the company. Two financial investors support BERNARD CONTROLS and thus participate in this operation: the historical financial partner of the Group, NAXICAP, and the investment firm TIKEHAU IM, management company of TIKEHAU Group through Novi 1 fund (an investment fund created in France to support innovation and growth for SME and mid-size businesses).

This important step then represents a new impetus for BERNARD CONTROLS, which thus proposes to its teams exciting challenges for the coming years!

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