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BERNARD CONTROLS delivers more than 200 electric actuators to Jangmoon combined cycle power plant (CCPP) in South Korea

Recently, Bernard Controls Korea successfully equipped the combined gas and steam turbine of Jangmoon CCPP with 180 weatherproof actuators (SQ and ST models). In addition, 32 quarter-turn and multi-turn explosionproof actuators (SQX25, STX6, STX10 and STX20) equipped with INTELLI+® intelligent control have been provided by Bernard Controls Italia.

The customer, the Paju Energy Service Corporation, a subsidiary from SK E&S, launched a new construction project on Jangmoon CCPP in Paju, located 60km North of Gyeonggi-do Province.

Technical News

New AQ Range: The essentials for quarter-turn electric actuation by Bernard Controls

BERNARD CONTROLS is pleased to introduce a brand new range of weatherproof quarter-turn electric actuators during the 2016 edition of Valve World Expo opening tomorrow in Düsseldorf (Germany).

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250 SQ actuators in Dapu Thermal Power Plant in China

A few months ago, Bernard Controls equipped a Chinese thermal power plant with 250 INTELLI+® electric actuators in Dapu County, Guangdong Province, China.

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BERNARD CONTROLS equipped submarines from the French navy

Launched 18 years ago, the Barracuda program represents a six submarines modernization project worth over several billions euros. This new generation of nuclear powered attack submarines has been ordered from the French Navy. The delivery of the 6 submarines will start in 2019 to be finalized in 2028. In the giant warehouse of Cherbourg (North of France), 400 workers are getting busy preparing the first submarine. For three submarines Bernard Controls took part in this project by delivering several sets of fully customized multi-turn actuators.

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Three teams from Bernard Controls at the 2016 Edition of EKIDEN

Last Sunday, the 6 november 2016, the relay Marathon EKIDEN took place in Paris. On a route following the nicest spots of the french capital, each member of the teams has been successively running between 5 and 10 km in order to cover the most prestigious historical distance of 42,195 km. In total, 18 runners from Bernard Controls successfully crossed the line of this race.

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BERNARD CONTROLS on Arcelor Mittal Steel Plant

Intervention on the ventilation system of the blast furnaces, aimed at producing the steel which is extracted from the ironworks. In total, eight explosionproof electric actuators have been replaced, wired and settled.

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A new milestone in BERNARD CONTROLS worldwide organization

Always by your side is a commitment of BERNARD CONTROLS to be available to accompany customers in all their projects throughout the globe. This promise is made possible thanks to a global-local Group organization implemented since 2014 and which now reached its final stage with the creation of a new Operating Area ‘India, Middle-East, Africa’.

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BERNARD CONTROLS equipped the Horns Rev C Offshore Platform in the North Sea

BERNARD CONTROLS BENELUX (BCB) recently intervened on the Horns Rev C high voltage substation, an offshore AC transformer platform whose main goal is to collect the electrical energy from the windmill park, transform it to a higher voltage level and bring it to shore afterwards. In such a complex project, the success entirely relies on each manufacturer’s quality equipment and expertise. Bernard Controls, by installing and commissioning 16 quarter-turn actuators, namely two FQ12, eight SQ60 and six SQ100, took part in the collective works that builds up a durable industry.


BERNARD CONTROLS took the second position of the "Fresh Connection serious game"

Friday, the 8th of July, the French final of the "Fresh Connection" business game organized by the FAPICS Congress has taken place in Gentilly, South of Paris (France).

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BERNARD CONTROLS equipped GRTgaz compression station in Evry-Grégy

Few months ago, BERNARD CONTROLS delivered electric actuators on GRTGaz compression Station located in the municipality of Evry-Grégy in Seine et Marne (France). This close partnership with BERNARD CONTROLS is part of the major project of territorial development started several years ago, and which will from move forward with the installation of actuators on other sites next September.

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Bernard Controls confirms its engagement towards the ISO 9001 certification!

Bernard Controls has been recently congratulated by the AFNOR organism which renewed the ISO 9001 certification by delivering a very positive feedback to the company. As a reminder, the ISO 9001 is a quality management system that provides guidance and tools for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer's requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.

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BERNARD CONTROLS on Paris Marathon, even better in 2016!

Bernard Controls collaborators ran the 40th edition of the Paris Marathon. It is the fourth participation of BC team and they handled the challenge successfully.

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